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The Iris-Fiandre group has achieved a new and important result in its continuing challenge to contribute actively and effectively to improve the quality of life.
The technological progress of Active was developed through the Digitalife project funded by the European Union (LIFE ENV/IT/000140) which led to the production of new photoactive slabs with an even closer eye on the environment.
The new technology, developed by the Iris-Fiandre Group, still uses titanium dioxide in micrometric size, but ensures greater uniformity in the distribution of the photo-active material on the surface of the slabs, increasing the efficiency of the photocatalytic process at the base of Active.
Recent laboratory tests, conducted and documented by the University of Milan, Department of Chemistry, showed a marked increase in efficiency in the photocatalytic degradation of NOx and VOC in the air, responsible for outdoor and indoor pollution. ZOZNAMTE SA